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Harmony Comettt Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar - copy - copy

American Built Semi-hollow With from a Historic Vintage Brand

The Harmony Comet is a semi-hollowbody guitar that got the looks. It's got the feel and sound as well! Inspired by the old vintage Harmony guitars that some may remember from The Sears Catalog. With a carved mahogany top with laminate mahogany back and sides. Has a set-in mahogany neck (a first for the new generation of Harmony instruments) is carved into a "C" neck profile that is so playable you won't be able to put it down. It has a 12-inch ebony fingerboard and 25-inch scale, the neck has such a playable feel fitting for any playing style. Pair of custom-wound, gold-foil humbucking pickups. Powered by Alnico III magnets, they can yield anything from blues clean sound to a gritty tone. The also come with a MONO Vertigo gig bag.

An updated classic

The Harmony Comet is a modern take on the classic Harmony H-72. Initially made from 1966–1971, the H-72 took inspiration from the two biggest guitar makers of the time. From another Kalamazoo, Michigan-based brand, it inherited a double-cut semi-hollowbody. The slinky neck and 6-in-line headstock gave the nod to a workshop in sunny Southern California. Now, almost 50 years after the H-72 was discontinued, a new semi-hollow has taken its place: the Comet. Inspired by the H-72, the Comet features the same quirky look of the original with a scaled-down body, redesigned F-holes, and the same curvacious headstock. For playing comfort, you get a C-shaped neck and 12-inch radius ebony fingerboard. A contemporary control layout and updated gold-foil pickups round out the design. If you're on the hunt for a vintage-sounding instrument with heaps of modern potential, Sweetwater believes that the Harmony Comet is the way to go.

Gold-foil pickups deliver wide-ranging tones for any situation

The Comet gets its voice from a pair of Harmony's custom-wound, gold-foil pickups. If you're not familiar with these pickups, you're not alone! Gold-foil pickups began hitting the market on student guitars from Harmony and Teisco in the '50s and '60s. But just as quickly as they came, they disappeared. Aside from limited runs on boutique guitars in the mid-2010s, gold-foils were largely forgotten by history. But the designers at Harmony never forgot the touch response and retro vibes these pickups produced. Harmony's custom-wound gold-foils exhibit a unique character that's extremely hard to find in other pickups. Their Alnico III magnets and Orange drop caps give these humbuckers a pleasant vintage warmth and roundness. Dial them in just right, and they're bright and spanky. Twiddle the knobs, and you'll get a biting chime with a unique harmonic spark.

Harmony Comet Semi-hollowbody Electric Guitar Features:

  • A contemporary reimagining of a '60s classic
  • Custom-wound, gold-foil pickups deliver a distinctive tone for all occasions
  • Scaled-down semi-hollowbody enables superior resonance while cutting feedback
  • Mahogany top, back, and sides deliver a warm and woody acoustic tone
  • C-shaped mahogany neck and ebony fingerboard feel at home in your hands
  • 25-inch scale length feels just right
  • Push-pull volume pot enables phase switch and in-between tones
  • Tune-o-matic bridge and tailpiece enable spot-on intonation