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Teisco Boost Pedal

Teisco Boost Pedal
Just like the vintage preamp it's modeled after, the Teisco Boost is loaded with a field-effect transistor (FET) for softer, more organic clipping and can run at 24V via the voltage switch for extra headroom. The EQ profile switch also provides extra tweakability when you need it. Whether you need a tone-enhancing buffer or extra 'oomph' for your drives and amps, the Teisco Boost covers it all.

- Versatile FET boost that enhances your tone. Modeled after the EP-3 preamp
- Up to 30dB of gain on tap. Toggle to the 24V Mode for more headroom. EQ profile switch enables you to further customize your EQ
- Works well with guitars and synths. Use the flat Mode for bass
- Fet, clean, versatile, EQ, loud, warm-sounding preamp