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detail image of PRS SE P20E showing neck heel

SE P20E features all-mahogany construction and has an organic, warm voice in addition to traditional parlor features like sweet midrange tone, historic vibe and easy portability.

PRS hybrid 'X'/classical bracing allows the top to freely vibrate, letting SE P20E project with even, bold tone. Its smaller size makes playing for hours fun and comfortable and allows for more convenient transport.

close-up image of PRS SE P20E body showing top and right side
detail image of PRS SE P20E showing Fishman preamp output and battery cover

Parlor-sized acoustics can be miscategorized because of their size but make no mistake: this is a professional-grade instrument. Plug in, and the Fishman Sonitone GT1 pickup system delivers dynamic, organic tone, so whether writing, recording or performing SE P20E is sure to impress.

This electronics system features an undersaddle pickup and soundhole mounted preamp with easy-to-access volume and tone controls, which essentially transforms what some may consider a 'couch guitar' into a workhorse stage instrument.

detail image of PRS SE P20E showing soundhole-mounted Fishman preamp
detail image of PRS SE P20E showing herringbone rosettes and accents

Outfitted with herringbone rosettes and accents, SE P20E looks as good as it sounds.

The ebony fretboard is adorned with PRS trademark bird inlays.

detail image of PRS SE P20E showing ebony fingerboard with PRS bird inlays
detail image of PRS SE P20E showing top of headstock

Other high-quality features include a solid mahogany topbone nut and saddle and the PRS trademark headstock design. SE P20E comes with a gig bag and is strung with 12-53 strings.