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Sell Your Vintage Gibson Guitar

Do you have a Gibson guitar to sell?

We are passionate vintage guitar buyer and Gibson collector and are always buying vintage Gibson guitars. 

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Are you looking to sell your vintage Gibson guitar? We collect classic Gibson guitars. We have created this page in hopes that we can connect and share excitement about classic Gibson guitars. We are probably looking to buy your guitar. We can make a solid offer and follow through with a hassle free transaction even if you’re on the other side of the country.

Are you having difficulty accurately identifying and dating your vintage Gibson guitar? We may be able to help with that too. Take some pictures of your classic guitar and send them to us at .



We can help with that too. Here are a few quick tips that might help. Send pictures of your guitar for verification for best results.

Look at the top of the guitar where the tuners are (that’s called the head stock). If there are 6 digits or less then it’s probably older than 1980.

If there are no digits then skip to the next paragraph.
If it says “Made In USA” and only has 6 digits then it was likely made between 1969 and 1980.
If it doesn’t have made in USA and is 6 digits then it’s pre-1969.
If the number is impressed in the wood with no made in USA stamp then it is likely 1961-1969.
If the digits are ink stamped then it was likely made between 1952 and 1960. The first digit will likely be the last digit in the year it was made (4=1954).

Ink Stamp prefix 7 = 1957

No “Made In USA”

Impressed 5 digits = 1963 or 1964
No Made In USA  


If there are no digits on the back of your vintage Gibson guitar then look inside the body of the guitar for a label. If the label is white, the guitar was likely made before 1952. If it’s orange then it was made between 1952 and 1969. If there is no label then look inside the guitar towards the neck. There may be a vertical block with number or possibly a letter on it. This is called the Factory Order Number and is not exactly a serial number.

Is there a letter preceding the numbers? You’re in luck. The letter likely indicates the year your vintage Gibson was made. Here’s a list of letters and corresponding years:

1935    A
1936    B
1937    C
1938    D, DA
1939    Ex (E and any other letter)
1940    F, FA
1941    E (no other letter)
1941    G
1942    H


1952    Z
1953    Y
1954    X
1955    W
1956    V
1957    U
1958    T
1959    S
1960    R
1961    Q


846 F = 1940



We can help you nail down the model, year, and potential market value for your vintage Gibson guitar. You can email us at or call us at 646-559-8771 . We are looking to buy vintage Gibson guitars both acoustic and electric.