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About Us: Brothers Guitar Shop is a family owned and operated small business on the Uppers East Side of Manhattan. The family aspect extents to our companies’ culture we are a small tight knit group welcoming to all. As company we are dedicated to our local musicians as well as the global musical community.



Available Position:

Part-Time Store Clerk
Experienced Guitar Tech
Videographer Intern


Part-Time Store Clerk

directly assist customers, process transactions, and play a vital role in making our overall retail experiences positive for our customers by serving them.


  •         Maintaining cleanliness of the store.
  •         Providing in-store assistance to customers browsing inventory
  •         Assisting customers checking out at the register
  •         Restringing guitars.
  •         Display and organize products in store for the customers to locate easily
  •         Professionally engage with customers by phone
  •         Explain store benefits & encourage customers to sign up for the email list
  •         Occasionally assist staff out-of-store with errands
  •         Be enthusiastic and informative about all products
  •         Create a positive environment in which to shop and buy
  •         Work as a part of a team to achieve and exceed sales goals


  •         Previous retail or sales experience preferred
  •         Musician in some capacity required
  •         Ability to perform basic maintenance tasks such as changing guitar strings
  •         Able to multitask while being attentive to customers’ needs and remaining in touch with the needs of the business
  •         Able to work as part of a team and take initiative independent of direct supervision
  •         Professional, punctual personal time management, low drama, respectful, flexible
  •         Happy personality, motivated self-discipline, focus, confidence without arrogance and genuine humility are required traits

Please Email Resume to 


Experienced Guitar Tech

Compensation: Based on Experience Brothers Guitar Shop is looking for a full-time, long-term experienced Guitar Repair Tech. This new hire will be an integral part of the Brothers Guitar Shop team. They must be personable and comfortable interacting with customers, staff and vendors on all levels. Candidates who are extremely detail oriented, organized, customer service focused, flexible and enjoy a small team environment will be at the top of our list.



→ Is inherently well-organized and detail oriented

→ Works with a sense of urgency yet maintains a high quality of work standard

→ A punctual individual with a positive attitude

→ Is creative and resourceful

→ Is comfortable following established systems and solving problems on the fly.

→ Has an inclusive and non-discriminatory attitude

→ A sense of humor

→ Passionate about guitars and music



The ideal candidate will have a minimum of three years’ experience as a Guitar Repair Tech and/or Luthier in a shop environment, with a thorough understanding of guitar repair (both acoustic and electric and a full range of skills from simple guitar set-up to fret-level, re-fret, and other complex repair techniques.


→ Able to assess instruments for repair needs and offer various remedies for poor playability

→ Perform a high-quality set-up

→ Perform a high-quality fret level and dress

→ Be proficient in re-fretting all types of guitars

→ Be able to install standard electrical components; ideally be able to design and troubleshoot complex electronic circuits

→ Bonus: Perform all types of finish touch ups including lacquer and polyurethane




Brothers Guitar Shop is a well-established, instrument repair shop with a friendly and fun staff.


Please include your resume with your application.


This is not an apprenticeship we are looking exclusively for experienced individuals.


 Please Email Resume to 


Videographer Intern

Brothers Guitar Shop is looking for a videographer intern to join our creative team. We are trying to grow our social reach with more long form YouTube Content.

               Duties and Responsibilities:

  •         Provide Video Coverage in the store and at events
  •         Work Closely with the Creative Director to determine how to cover the store and events
  •         Assist with management of social media platforms (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok)


  •         Ability to show good judgment, strong attention to detail, and manage projects from beginning to end
  •         Ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment
  •         Experience using social media for marketing
  •         Proven ability to shoot and edit video
  •         Work effectively both independently and as part of a team
  •         Ability to communicate professionally over the phone and email



Please Email Resume to